Linley Erin Hall

Writer and Editor


Editing Services

Critiquing your own writing is difficult. After working on a document for many hours, errors can slip by easily. Because you know the subject on which you're writing inside and out, you may subconsciously fill in gaps in the logic on the page. An editor will see what you cannot, thus creating a more readable document that is more likely to be published or funded. In addition, an editor is particularly helpful if you or your coauthors are not native English speakers.

In my career, I have edited academic journal articles, technical reports, grant proposals, dissertations, newsletters, annual reports, book reviews, web content, fact sheets, news articles, essays, screenplays, novels, book proposals, resumes, and press releases.

The topics of the documents I've edited have included environmental engineering, economics, bioengineering, computer science, chemical engineering, business, civil engineering, botany, medicine, genomics, and politics, among others.

I offer two levels of editing services:


A proofread of your document includes changes to spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar. I can also verify that a manuscript follows the style of a particular journal or other publication.


Editing of your document includes proofreading as well as changes to improve sentence structure, word choice, organization, and clarity. Editing requires more time than proofreading.

More Info

I generally charge editing by the hour. I can edit documents in MS Word (using the Track Changes feature), LaTeX, or other file formats as preferred by the client.

Standard turnaround time on editing projects of fewer than 50 double spaced pages is 7-10 business days. Shorter turnaround times are sometimes possible, particularly if the client reserves a spot in my schedule at least ten days in advance. Rush assignments with less than ten days notice, if accepted, will incur a 15% rush charge to compensate for overtime work or rearranging other projects to accommodate the assignment.

What can I edit for you? Contact me and let me know.