Linley Erin Hall

Writer and Editor



Below are links to some of the documents I've written and edited, including news articles, feature articles, and press releases. Most links take you to the writing in HTML format, but some take you to a page where you can download a PDF. I can also mail or fax hard copies of samples. To learn more about my books, please see my Books page.

The San Francisco Chronicle Magazine

Pieces of Ourselves: Some bonds are stronger than others

ASU Research Magazine

Tiny Tasty Tunes: Sensing the World One Molecule at a Time

Nurturing Future Scientists (Sidebar: Finding an Undergraduate Research Niche)

Working Class Bacteria

Harvey Mudd College Bulletin

Delicate Balance

Cells in Microgravity

Scientists Rock

Enzyme Explorer

Stanford Medicine Magazine

It takes patients: Clinical trials researchers straddle worlds of research and patient care

DNA Cocktails and Dreams: Patient-specific treatment for autoimmune diseases might soon be reality

Press releases

New Study Suggests Virus Uses Pressure to Sense when Full of DNA

Overlapping genetic and archaeological evidence suggests neolithic migration, say Stanford researchers

Stanford researcher shows flu shot benefits outweigh costs in healthy young adults

Stanford researchers study controversial drug as treatment for psychotic major depression

Researchers shed light on bacterial infection linked to ulcers and stomach cancer

UC Santa Cruz computer scientist wins National Science Foundation grant for research on software engineering

Space-based missile defense systems could jeopardize astronomical research and space exploration